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    Album & Photo Notes

    This allows your clients the ability to leave messages on albums and photos. Essentially making your life easier as you can edit photos quicker for your clients.

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    If you have a website without a proofing system in place, then this feature is for you. Vhoto Integrate means you can now sell photos through your own website.

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    Photo Defence

    Defence is Vhoto’s personal security system, this protects photographs by a simple watermark. We also encrypt your photos so they cant be saved to a hard drive and viewed.

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    Choose from one of our themes or simply create your own. This feature allows you to choose the layout and colours etc that suit your style of photography.

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    If an album is not needed, place it into Vault. This keeps it online, so if your client wants to order more prints at a later date, you can simply make it visibe and they can order.

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    Lightbox is there to give your clients stress free ordering. They can simply create a lightbox, add as many photos as they like and then use this as their shopping cart.

Vhoto couldn't be easier to use

Take, upload and sell

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    Take Photos

    As a photographer you could take photos of many subjects. This could be anything from weddings, portraits and events to marathons and motorsport. We know how hard you work on getting the right shot, which is why selling your photos with Vhoto is easy.


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    Upload Photos

    Simply create an album, choose the category you would like the album to go into such as weddings and portraits etc. Make the album personal by enabling services you offer. Now decide how private you want the album to be and start uploading. 

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    Sell Photos

    Once you have uploaded the photos for you chosen event, you can start selling them. When the album has finished uploading, there is an option for you to send the album via email direct to everyone involved with that event, giving your photos maximum exposure.  

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